The first edition of Sant’Anna School “STALS Federal Week” will be held in Pisa on May 22-25, 2017. The event aims to bring together scholars and experts from all over the world to discuss on challenges in contemporary federalism. Giuseppe Martinico, Professor of comparative public law at Dirpolis Institute (Law, Politics, Development), has organized the “Federal Week” as part of his training course on comparative federalism. Invited speakers include: Professor Richard Albert (Boston College), Professor Anna Gamper (University of Innsbruck), Professor Patricia Popelier (University of Antwerp).

In addition to seminars and lectures, the Dirpolis Institute offers an international conference on May 24 which will address “The Constitution of Canada: History, Evolution, Influence and Reform” on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. The conference program is available for download here.

The conference offers the opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of Professor Alessandro Pizzorusso, renowned constitutional law expert, and former member of the International Academy of Comparative Law.

You can view all “STALS Federal Week” upcoming seminars and lectures here.