The activities of the cooperation under the MoU between Sant’Anna School and the Autorità Nazionale Anti Corruzione (ANAC) are focused on cultures of legality, ethical issues and public sector governance. Pursuant the prevailing law and regulations on technical cooperation, Sant’Anna School and ANAC have mutually agreed to increase and strengthen education and research cooperation making use of each other’s scientific networks in addressing the analytic questions associated with corruption.

Pierdomenico Perata, rector of Sant’Anna School, presented the institutional mission of ANAC authority which consists in the prevention of corruption in public administration through the implementation of transparency in all aspects of management, in execution of art. 6 of the UN Convention against Corruption. The rector, some academics of DIRPOLIS (Law, Politics, Development) Institute, journalists and Angela Ida Nicotra of ANAC focused on how the most important element in developing an anti-corruption culture of legality is creating and maintaining a culture of compliance. Public institutions must be strongly committed to develop effective standards and controls, including policies and procedures that are followed and enforced in an honest, ethical and legally compliant manner.

Upon execution of this MOU, the Dirpolis Institute of Sant’anna School of Advanced Studies, the WISS (Welfare Innovazione Servizi e Sviluppo) and the CDG (Conflict, Development and Global Politics) laboratories will be involved in technical coordination and designation of cooperative programs and projects since today ethics is gaining a huge prominence in the public debate.

Francesco Merloni and Ida Angela Nicotra of ANAC together with Gaetana Morgante and Alberto Pirni of Sant’Anna School will serve as scientific coordinators of the programs. In particular, Ida Angela Nicotra and Gaetana Morgante, professor of criminal law, will focus on training programs for prevention of corruption in the public sector, administrative liability of legal persons, anti-corruption plans, and prevention of corruption in public procurement. Various elements of the public sector governance will be targeted to identify priority actions to safeguard the integrity of institutions across the public sector.

Additional activities organized by Francesco Merloni and Alberto Pirni, researcher of Public Sector Ethics at Sant’Anna School, for measuring the implementation of “Codes of Conduct” in public institutions as a result of ANAC anti-corruption specific legislation. The MoU aims at supporting and promoting a culture of ethics and legality in educational institutions in connection with the activities of the working group for the “Promotion of the culture of legality and co-liability” established by Regional Authority of Education in Tuscany in implementation of the Statement of Intent signed in February 2015 between the Ministry of Education, ANAC, National Anti-Mafia Directorate and the National Association of Magistrates for “Education to legality and deterrence, investigating and combating mafia organized crime “.

Applications to the training course on “Diritto degli appalti pubblici: profili amministrativi, penali, etici” must be sent within Monday, 30 January.