On 26 January,  Sant’Anna School academics Andrea de Guttry, professor of international law; Alberto di Martino, professor of criminal law; Annalisa Creta, research fellow in international law; Mark Nemedi, PhD student and Petteri Taitto of  Laurea University (Helsinki) will meet in Bruxelles with the head of the European Security and Defence College to discuss their contribution to the EU’s CSDP activities.

The study aims to strengthen the EU’s external ability to act through the development of civilian and military mission staff, design sanctions for international law or human rights policy violation, and create a European security culture respectful of the rule of law and democratic principles.

“It is an important event – explains Andrea de Guttry, in announcing the presentation of the project results – where best practice qualitative research involves data collection and analysis. Identifying and evaluating the “policy development” solutions is a crucial step in project planning. Conducting best practices research is critical to developing a full understanding of a problem and all of its components from multiple perspectives. We are much honored to have been chosen to enhance the EU’s awareness and responsiveness to external conflicts and crisis, in order to promote peace and security”.