Digital finance holds a great opportunity for financial inclusion providing the conditions for a universal access to financial services by 2020. Scholars of Sant’Anna School participated in the project sponsored by Consob  which is currently involved in the analysis of the challenges raised by digitalization and citizens empowerment in the economic decision making process. Consob has undertaken several initiatives in cooperation with Italian academics to enhance a better understanding of the economic context and the awareness of citizens’ rights and responsibilities as well as preventing the risk of online frauds.

The conference presenting the project results will take place on December 5 in Milan Fintech District. Professors of the Sant’Anna School Dirpolis Institute, Gaetana Morgante (Criminal Law); Erica Palmerini(Private Law) and Alberto Pirni, (Moral Philosophy), will focus on customers empowerment, the role of financial advisors and automated investment advice, bitcoin’s volatility and legitimacy, online currency regulatory uncertainty and potential for abuse, on how the crypto-currency impacts the security markets and the development of finance ethics in fin-tech platforms.

Finance professionals using fin-tech tools, entrepreneurs and corporates will take part in the conference to discuss the development of innovative products, services and solutions aiming to generate social and responsible investments with the goal of addressing the most critical challenges among the national and European financial markets.

This partnership aims to expand an open debate between regulators and companies to achieve a common framework for regulatory convergence across the EU.

Click here to download the conference agenda in Fintech District – Milano on December 5, 2017.