In a recent OpinionAG Tanchev cited an essay co-authored by Giuseppe Martinico and Marta Simoncini.

In a recent Opinion Advocate General Evgeni Tanchev cited an essay co-authored by Giuseppe Martinico, Associate Professor of Comparative Public Law, and Marta Simoncini- alumna of the Scuola Sant’Anna. The chapter is entitled “An Italian Perspective on the Principe of Proportionality” and is part of a volume edited by Stefan Vogenauer and Stephen Weatherill (General Principles of Law. European and Comparative Perspectives, Hart Publishing, 2017).

A previous version of the chapter was originally prepared for a conference on the ‘General principles of law’ organized by the Institute of European and Comparative Law – University of Oxford, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

The essay was cited in footnote n 45 of the Opinion. This is an example of the impact of the DIRPOLIS Institute over the concrete functioning and activity of the EU institutions.