You are invited to participate in the call for the new edition of “Ceci n’est pas un paper”.

-The abstract: send your abstract!  The deadline is 7 October 2019 . Please do not exceed one page abstract, and provide a provisional but clear title. Address to to

-Both abstracts and papers can be written either in Italian or in English.

-The paper: if you are selected, the deadline for sending the paper  is November 6, at 12 am (to  and

– We will select 6 abstracts. The selection panel is chaired by the coordinator of the Phd in Law and comprised of Erica Palmerini, Emanuele Rossi, Caterina Sganga, Elena Vivaldi and Alberto di Martino

-The discussion shall be around the end of November (first meeting) and around the first half of December 2019 (second meeting). Three papers will be discussed in the first meeting and three in the second meeting.

-The paper shall be presented by a colleague of yours (PhD student) who is NOT the author. The author shall have a say, for 15 minutes, after the presentation.

-Thereafter, discussion will take place with the audience. Professors are invited to partake in the conversation.

-The general rationale of “Ceci n’est pas un paper” is not to submit a full-fledged article but a provisional paper, one that is written AS THOUGH it is ready, but the author expects to amend, improve, and refine, or even change it, should the discussion end up recommending to do so.

For any communication, please put in cc She shall follow the events.

Good luck!