“As David Nelken (e.g., 2006), a British scholar based in Italy and probably the leading active criminal and juvenile justice comparativist, has observed […]” (Michael Tonry, in The Oxford Handbook of Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice, edited by Barry C. Feld and Donna M. Bishop).


On the 29th of March Professor David Nelken will be giving two seminars within the Seminar series of the PhD in Law “Persperctives on Criminal Law”: at 10-12 am, “Comparing in the context of making global indicators. Starting from nowhere, somewhere and everywhere”; at 2-4 pm, “Juvenile justice in comparative perspective”.

For further information read the program below.


David Nelken PHD, LLD (Cambridge), is Professor of Comparative and Transnational Law in the Dickson Poon Law school and was Vice- Dean for Research 2013-2016. He taught previously at Cambridge, Edinburgh and University College, London before moving to Italy in 1989 as Distinguished Professor of Legal Institutions and Social Change at the University of Macerata. From 1995 to 2013 he was Distinguished Research Professor of Law at Cardiff University, and from 2010-2014 Visiting Professor of Criminology at Oxford University. 

His work, covering both theoretical enquiry and empirical investigation, lies in the areas of comparative sociology of law, criminology, and legal and social theory. 

Widely published, awards received include:

American Sociological Association Distinguished Scholar Award (1985)
Sellin-Glueck International award of the American Criminological Society (2009)
Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences (2009)
Podgorecki Distinguished Senior Scholar award from the International Sociological Association (2011)
Law & Society (USA) International Scholar Award (2013)