The PhD in law (coordinator Prof. Gianluigi Palombella) organizes a series of five international conferences to discuss the role of law in times of crisis from the most diverse visual and disciplinary angles.

The first conference, scheduled for 9th  November, will examine the topic from the general perspective of the relationship between the legal systems and between the public and private sectors. On November the 26th, the Conference will address the profiles of regulation in various areas of technological innovation, competition and climate change.The third event, on November the 30th, will be dedicated to the crisis of democracy, populism and their relations with the legislative-constitutional procedures. On the 6th of December, the Conference will then examine discuss the role of law in times of crisis in the perspective of the delicate relationship between privacy and control of knowledge in the era of big data. The final event, on the 7th of December, will deal with the role of criminal law in times of crisis, evaluating with international experts, exponents of the NGOs world and private entrepreneurship if and how criminal law can still respond to the questions posed by the economic crisis and in what terms it must dialogue with other forms of management of illicit risk.

9th November 2018, h 9-18: Rethinking Rights in Times of Crisis

26th November 2018, h 8:45-13: Regulatory Transformations: Reality and Prospects

30th November 2018, h 10 -13: Crisi della Democrazia, Populismo e Procedure Legislativo-Costituzionali 

6th Dicember 2018, h 8:45-18: Privacy and the Control of Knowledge in the Era of Big Data

7th Dicember 2018, h 9-18: Criminal Law in Times of Crisis: General and Specific Issues

For information on all scheduled events, please download the poster below.