On Tuesday October 3rd the new students were welcomed by Prof. Palombella, the coordinator of the program, the entire faculty, and Ph.D. students representatives. Over the event, which took place in Aula 3 of the main campus, every member of the faculty briefly illustrated the courses he/she activated, as well as other initiatives, and research projects students are welcomed to join and participate in.

Miss. Maria Lorena Florez, second year candidate of the program, presented the initiatives available for foreign students and intended to ease the integration within the community at the Scuola, and the services available to address all administrative concerns.

Newly admitted students introduced themselves, their background experiences and research interests and the event concluded with an aperitivo offered by the Scuola, with drinks and snacks, in a very familiar atmosphere.

Cover photo: Left to right, top to bottom: Prof.ssa Gaetana Morgante, Dr. Andrea Bertolini, Prof.ssa Erica Palmerini, Maria Lorena Florez, Prof.ssa Maria Gagliardi, Prof. Giuseppe Martinico, Dr. Emiliano Frediani, Dr.ssa Elena Vivaldi, Ibrahim Imad, Bakhtina Krystyna, Prof. Gianluigi Palombella, Barbara Occhiuzzi, Chiara Fusari, Alberto Arcuri.