Edoardo Chiti holds an LL.M. from the University College London and a Ph.D. from the European University Institute. He has authored four monographs, co-edited various books and published several articles in prestigious Italian and international journals in the fields of EU, global and comparative administrative law (see list of representative publications). In the editorial board of a number of academic journals and member of various public law societies, including the European Group of Public Law, and the Istituto per le ricerche sulle pubbliche amministrazioni (Irpa), Edoardo has held institutional appointments as Director of the Legal Department, Member of the Academic Senate and of the Management Board at the University of “La Tuscia”. His research focusses on EU Administration and Administrative Law, Global Governance and Global Administrative Law, Comparative Administrative Law, all approached from a ‘law in context’ perspective. He is currently working on the transformations of administrative law in the interplay between legal orders, and on the new frontiers of law and regulation in the regional/transnational horizon. 


The interplay among legal orders through the regulatory path and administrative law: which theoretical constructions allow to conceptualize and explain the interplay between EU administrative law, international law, global administrative law and national administrative laws? Through which legal arrangements is such an interplay structured and driven? What is its impact on the structural and substantive features of each administrative law? The research lines are both empirical and theoretical: one the one hand, they search for the regulatory arrangements, conflicts, convergence in a number of selected fields (e.g. environment, social sustainability, artificial intelligence); on the other hand, they aim at streamlining the rationale of the complex regulative structures from interconnected albeit separate sources, and at conceptualizing their relation to new transformative appearances of legality.


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  • He has written books on Le agenzie europee. Unità e decentramento nelle amministrazioni comunitarie (Cedam, 2002); Lamministrazione militare (Giuffrè, 2007); Lintegrazione amministrativa europea with C. Franchini (Il Mulino, 2003). In 2019 he has published a monograph on Il diritto di una comunità comunicativa. Unindagine sul diritto amministrativo canonico (Giuffrè, 2019) as the administrative law of a peculiar type of non-State order.

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The Administrative Law of the ‘Ecological Transition’. The EU, Climate Change and the Making of a New Body of Administrative Law in the Globalized Legal Space