Jan Klabbers is currently Academy Professor at the University of Helsinki, holding the Martti Ahtisaari Chair while on leave from his regular position as Professor of International Law. He has been at the University of Helsinki since 1996; before this, he taught international law and EU law at the University of Amsterdam, where he also prepared his doctoral thesis. He was one of the inaugural fellows at the Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law and Justice at New York University School of Law, and has held visiting professorships at, amongst others, the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Erasmus School of Law (Rotterdam), and the Sorbonne. He is the recipient of three different teaching awards at the University of Helsinki.


Some representative and fairly recent publications:

  • International Law, 2nd edn (Cambridge University Press, 2017)
  • ‘Theorising International Organisations’, in Anne Orford and Florian Hoffmann (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Theory of International Law (Oxford University Press, 2016), 618-634
  • An Introduction to International Organizations Law, 3rd edn (Cambridge University Press, 2015)
  • ‘The EJIL Foreword: The Transformation of International Organizations Law’, (2015) 26 European Journal of International Law, 9-82
  • ‘The Virtues of Expertise’, in Monika Ambrus et al. (eds.), The Role ofExperts’ in International and European Decision-making Processes: Advisors, Decision Makers or Irrelevant Actors? (Cambridge University Press, 2014), 82-101
  • ‘The Emergence of Functionalism in International Institutional Law: Colonial Inspirations’, 25 European Journal of International Law (2014), 645-675
  • ‘Towards a Culture of Formalism? Martti Koskenniemi and the Virtues’, 27 Temple International and Comparative Law Journal (2013), 417-435
  • ‘Law, Ethics, Global Governance: Accountability in Perspective’, 11 New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law (2013), 309-321
  • Normative Pluralism and International Law: Exploring Global Governance (Cambridge University Press, 2013, co-edited with T. Piiparinen)
  • The Constitutionalization of International Law (Oxford University Press, 2009, co-authored with A. Peters & G. Ulfstein)