Punsara studied Classics, History and Politics at Royal College, Colombo, Sri Lanka prior to joining Faculty of Law, University of Colombo. After having obtained LL.B in 2015, he went on to study LL.M in International Law and Legal Theory at South Asian University in New Delhi, India under SARRC scholarship. 
He graduated LL.M with a Distinction in 2017 and his thesis titled “Evaluating the Concept of Justice in Medieval Hinduism with Thomas Aquinas” was presented before Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka in the same year. After serving as a visiting lecturer at Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo for a short time, he spent a year as a research fellow at Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. 
His research areas include History of International Law, TWAIL Scholarship, Critical Legal Studies focusing on Human Rights, Classical Hindu Law and Colonial Legal History in South Asia. PhD research of Punsara deals with Social Economic Rights in the Global South and Neo-Liberalism.  



Shabahang holds an undergraduate degree LL.B.(bachelor of Laws) from Isfahan University, in Iran. She has completed two LL.Ms from Dale E. Fowler school of Law – Chapman University, in The United States. She worked as a legal consultant for Isfahan municipality and practiced in various law firms, including Shirazi and Arian law firms. Her PhD research deals with Artificial Intelligence and Health Care Law.



Sümeyye Elif Biber is a Ph.D. in Law candidate at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa. Previously, she obtained her LLB from Istanbul University Law School with “high honor certificate” and received her LLM degree from Koç University with her thesis on “Concretization of Constitutional Norms Referring to Right to Respect for Private Life in the Individual Application Case-Law”. While as an LLB candidate, she conducted ERASMUS internship in London. She also participated in International Summer School of German Language and Culture at Heidelberg University during her post-graduate studies at Koç University. She is a member of International Association of Public Law (ICON-S) and International Council on Global Privacy and Security, by Design.
Her research interests include international human rights law, European Court of Human Rights and its jurisprudence, interpretation of fundamental rights and freedoms in constitutional adjudication, privacy law, and protection of individual autonomy in the robotic age.



Viola graduated summa cum laude in Law at the University of Pisa in June 2018, with a thesis on energy performance contracts.
In 2016 she was a visitig student at École Normale Supérieure of Paris, working on contractual justice and the reform of French civil code. In the same year, she was tutor in Istituzioni di diritto privato at the University of Pisa. 
Her research interests range from consumer protection law and contract law in general, to the interaction between private law and administrative law in the market. 
Her Ph.d. project is about energy, sustainable development and energy efficiency, from a private law point of view and in the light of technological evolution.




Gaia graduated summa cum laude in Law at the University of Pisa in July 2018, discussing a dissertation in Criminal Law, about the interactions between civil and criminal sanctions. During her undergraduate career she was honors student at Sant’Anna School in Pisa and she attended a summer school at London School of Economics. 
Her main research interests include theory of crime and theory of punishment, the definition of “criminal charge” in ECHR and CJUE case law, economic crimes, corporate criminal liability and the interplay between criminal punishment and civil remedies. 
Her Ph.D. proposal deals with the role of criminal law in the complexity of technological development.



Nedim Hogic is a Bosnian lawyer and a PhD candidate at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies. His main research interests include corruption studies, public international law and South East European politics.  He worked in international, nongovernmental and political organizations on legal, political and developmental issues. He holds an LLM degree from Harvard Law School and a LLB from University of Sarajevo.