The DirPoLis Institute conducts innovative research in law, economics, and political sciences.

Its multidisciplinary approach allows global representation of complex legal, political, social, and economic phenomena. It also facilitates the creation of high-profile scientific research that is directly applicable to external stakeholders with decision-making responsibilities at various levels (international, national, regional, and local).

The Institute acts as a consultant to several international, national, and local institutions, both of public and private nature. It also acts as a forum for discussion on the topics of its research, and the results are disseminated at conferences, symposia, seminars, and workshops held either in Italy or abroad.

The Institute is spread out among three main buildings: the main campus (Sede Centrale) located in Piazza Martiri della LibertĆ  33; Palazzo Toscanelli, in via Santa Cecilia 3; and Palazzo Vernagalli, in Vicolo Vernagalli 22 R/26 R.