Roberto graduated summa cum laude in Law at the University of Padova in December 2020, discussing a thesis on euthanasia and self-determination in the Italian legal system.
He attended the Galileian School of Advanced Studies (SGSS).
After graduation, he started a three-month internship at the law firm BonelliErede and, at the end of this period, a legal internship at the Venetian Court of Appeal.
Before enrolling at Sant’Anna, he published two works in Class A Journals (Archivio Penale and La legislazione penale).
His Ph.D. project aims to deepen the principle of disposability of the right to life in the Italian criminal law system.

Emanuele is a qualified lawyer who graduated summa cum laude in Law at the University of Trento in March 2020 with a thesis on the holistic approach to examining competing regulatory paradigms in the data-driven economy.
During his undergraduate studies, he spent six months at the Faculty of European Law of the University of Maastricht and three months as a guest researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition in Munich.
After graduating, he was a trainee at CONSOB, where he researched the application of Artificial Intelligence to portfolio management. Thereafter, he was a legal trainee at the State District Attorney and at a law firm.
His primary research interests include EU Administrative Law and Comparative Private Law, related to the twin transitions, competition policy, market regulation, and data law.

Kamilla graduated summa cum laude in Law from University of Pécs in 2019. Parallel to her legal studies, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Italian and Portuguese Language and Literature and a postgraduate degree in Translation. As an Erasmus+ Program student, she pursued legal studies in both English and Portuguese at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She gained professional experience first as a Country of Origin Information specialist at the Hungarian Immigration and Asylum Office, then as a trainee lawyer at a prestigious law firm with a wide Italian- and English-speaking clientele.
In 2019, the National Council of Scientific Students’ Associations in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences awarded Kamilla with Pro Scientia Gold Medal. Her Ph.D. research focuses on the evidentiary relevance of non-legal sources in administrative and judicial proceedings related to international protection. Her mother tongue is Hungarian, and she speaks Italian, English, and Portuguese fluently.

Matteo graduated summa cum laude in Law at the University of Salento in October 2019, discussing a thesis on the constitutional protection of the environment in the Italian legal order. He also earned an advanced diploma summa cum laude from the School of advanced studies “ISUFI” in June 2020.
During his undergraduate career, he took part in the Erasmus+ Program by attending a semester at the University of Lorraine in Metz.
After graduation, he collaborated, as a teaching assistant, with the chair of Constitutional Law at the University of Salento.
In January 2021, he was selected to attend the Seminar of parliamentary studies “S. Tosi,” and he was a parliamentary assistant at Senato from June to September 2021.
His Ph.D. project aims to deepen the constitutional dimension of the environment and to investigate the constitutional foundation of the “non-regression” principle.

Rocco is a qualified Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, having completed his LLB at the University of Greenwich and his LLM at BPP Law School, both in London. He is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales.
Rocco is now a Ph.D. at Sant’Anna and a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early-Stage Researcher (ESR) within the EU-Funded PERSEO Project (PErsonalized Robotics as SErvice Oriented applications).
His research focuses on regulating social robots, with particular interest in the key role played by anthropomorphism in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).

Federica graduated summa cum laude in Law at the University of Pisa in May 2021, discussing a thesis on the criminal protection of personal data and the criminal liability of providers.
During her undergraduate career, she was an honors student at the Sant’Anna and the Law students’ representative from 2018 to 2019. She concluded a five-month internship experience at the Chamber of Deputies, carrying out research activities in the field of Law and International Relations and assisting in legislative drafting activities.
Her research interests include corporate criminal liability, organized crime, and liability for environmental damage. Her Ph.D. proposal deals with the changes to corporate criminal liability in the transnational order, focusing on the “case study” of transnational environmental crimes.

Ludovica graduated summa cum laude in Law at the University of Pisa in May 2021, discussing a thesis on the evolution of the figure of the consumer, using a comparative view between Europe and the United States of America.
During her undergraduate career, she carried out an advanced legal practice at the law firm of the President of the Bar Association of Pisa and at the State District Attorney’s Office in Florence. In addition, from October 2020 to May 2021, she was an academic tutor at the University of Pisa.
After graduation, she attended the summer school “The Regulation of Robotics & AI in Europe: legal, ethical and economic implication” at Sant’Anna, “International Business and Digital Law” at Bocconi, and “Cyberlaw” at the LSE.
She is a member of ELI, and holds the position of Mentorship at IOM. Her Ph.D. project aims to investigate the impact of new technologies on traditional legal categories, with the intention of affirming their inadequacy in protecting the digital user, with a specific focus on b2B relationships.

Kumush obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Jurisprudence at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in Tashkent in June 2018. During her studies, she volunteered in the Legal Clinic, to protect the rights of low-income people.
Being an active student, she was selected for the program of “International Journalism, Cultural Diplomacy, and Public Relations” at Moscow State International Relations University, where she advanced her diplomatic, analytical, and research skills.
After graduation, she worked as a legal associate at Absolvo Bona Fides law firm, where she conducted a comparative analysis of the Civil Codes of the five post-USSR countries (Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan) for the proposal to amend the Civil Code of Uzbekistan.
As a Ph.D., her research focuses on the International Human Rights standards and emergency responses during pandemics.

Antonio graduated cum laude and with special mention in Law at the Luiss University of Rome in March 2020, defending a thesis titled “Imputability, an institution in the balance between positive law and scientific knowledge”. During his undergraduate career, he volunteered at the Rebibbia Prison, where he worked as a didactic tutor for inmates enrolled in the Faculty of Law. He has been a member of the municipal council of his hometown since 2019.
He is admitted to the register of trainee lawyers in Rome, and he completed his legal practice at the State General Attorney’s Office. In the meantime, he also carried out an internship at the Third Criminal Section of the Supreme Court, dealing mainly with environmental and sexual offenses.
He collaborates as a Professor’s assistant with the chair of Criminal Law at Luiss University.
His Ph.D. proposal is on ecocide and new frontiers for the legal protection of the planet.

Emmalucia graduated summa cum laude in Law from Bocconi University in April 2020, discussing a thesis on the “polluter pays” principle and the role of the innocent landowner under a Law and Economics perspective.
Her main research interests concern EU Administrative Law, Environmental Law, and Energy Law. Her Ph.D. project intends to study the status of subnational authorities in the field of renewable energy.